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EMILIA... Fatima Bintul Huda of Indonesia 

A brief introduction to the All- Indonesian Assembly of Ahlulbayt Associations

Reformation in Indonesia has introduced to the nation the fundamentals principal of ideally civilized society: the total submission to the Will of GOD, the Al-Mighty and democratic government based on social justice. Islamic ummah, which makes almost the whole part of the nation, is obliged to realize the objectives of the reformation in accordance with the universal religious principles, in reference to the well-known prophetic tradition, reported by all Islamic schools of thought, the two fundamental principles of Islam are Al-Qur’an and the Love for Ahlulbayt.
Islam in Indonesia, as a result of long historical process, has succeeded to preserve the teaching of the Holy Qur’an and the Love for Ahlulbayt. The Ummah has taken pains to promote, comprehend, and practice the Holy Qur’an in their live. While paying respect to contribution of the past Indonesian Islamic Scholars, we have to admit the Love for Ahlulbayt has been expressed mostly in reciting solemnly their names only, especially in religious rituals. We have ignored the fact that Ahlulbayt has left behind resourceful knowledge of Islam including Islamic Sciences and Irfan, and has set perfect examples of the much expected ideally civilized society. Indonesian civilization, having absorbed various cultures, needs to go deeper in the rich treasure of this Islamic source.
Having imbibed the sacred mission of Ahlulbayt, we have been aware that the time has come to propagate publicly the teaching of Ahlulbayt to the Indonesian nation in particular, and South-East Asian nations in general. In line to the Indonesian constitution UUD 1945, chapter 28, which stipulates the right for all citizen :”to get together to get involved in organization and to express their opinion”, the lovers of Ahlulbayt in Indonesia, hereby express their intention to get united in a single national social organization : Ikatan Jamaah Ahlulbayt Indonesia (IJABI), the All-Indonesian Assembly of Ahlulbayt Associations.
Based on the mission mentioned above, IJABI has set its dual future vision – Enlightening Islamic thought and Empowering the deprived. Since its declaration in July 1, 2000, in the historical building of the First Afro-African Conference Bandung, IJABI has moved from the initial 3,000 to 2.5 millions. IJABI currently has reached 33 Provinces, 86 Regional Branches and 145 Sub-regional branches spreads all over Indonesia.
IJABI has contributed to Indonesia by providing social and medical services for the poor, building free schools, publishing books, organizing seminars and inter-faith dialogues, and taking part in re-constructing the regions, hit by natural disasters. For each social services, IJABI has awarded a medal of high distinction in social service by the President of Republic of Indonesia.